What are the characteristics and benefits of becoming a Sustainable Leader?

Sustainability: the capacity to endure; to conserve resources; built to last.

In today’s fast-paced, high-demand and global business environment, being a sustainable leader who can stay focused, think creatively, easily manage stress and emotions, communicate effectively and set the standard in their organization will make the difference between a healthy, thriving and resilient company and an ineffective or non-existent company. Christina Haxton, CEO & Founder, Sustainable Leadership, Inc.

What are the qualities of a Sustainable Leader?  A Sustainable Leader is one who is built to last through uncertain and rapidly changing economic conditions, who intentionally develops the potential in others, so they too can develop into exceptional leaders who are “built to last.”

About Christina Haxton

CEO & Founder of Sustainable Leadership, Inc. I assist professionals who desire to harness the power of self-awareness, authentic communication and powerful leadership skills to drive positive change from the inside out in order to become exceptional leaders who are built to last.
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