Why ignoring our emotions is a bad idea

How do you handle emotions in the workplace, either your own or your employees‘ emotions?

You’ve probably heard (or believe) you should:

  • Keep your feelings to yourself, don’t let anyone see you sweat.
  • Avoid talking about the feelings when an employee is obviously upset, because you think it would “get too personal” or turn into a therapy session.
  • Tell yourself “it doesn’t matter” when you get the “here’s some feedback for you” email (cc’d to your boss or other team members).

That’s not only bad advice … recent research in the field of cognitive social neuroscience (in English, how our brain works and why we do what we do) proves it’s impossible “not to feel.”

Stay tuned for what you can do instead … but meanwhile, what are your thoughts on “emotions in the workplace?”

About Christina Haxton

CEO & Founder of Sustainable Leadership, Inc. I assist professionals who desire to harness the power of self-awareness, authentic communication and powerful leadership skills to drive positive change from the inside out in order to become exceptional leaders who are built to last.
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