It is within a relationship (and conversation), not isolation, we learn and grow

Common sense, and now research, proves it:  It is within a relationship, we learn and grow and are shaped to become more who we are supposed to be.  Taken a step further, we communicate through language (verbal, non-verbal).  Stay with me now … it is in conversation our brains change (neuroplasticity) and therefore our self-identity is shaped and in turn we influence the self-identity of others.  Oh, and many of us are in contact with more people and have more conversations with people at work … therefore many opportunities to create positive, constructive neural connections in not only their brain, but our own.

If you are a leader in your organization (and anyone who makes a difference can be a leader), what if you were to notice opportunities to make a positive difference in someone else’s brain … what difference could you make today?

ScienceDaily (2010-08-27) — In the first study of its kind, researchers have found compelling evidence that our best and worst experiences in life are likely to involve not individual accomplishments, but interaction with other people and the fulfillment of an urge for social connection.

About Christina Haxton

CEO & Founder of Sustainable Leadership, Inc. I assist professionals who desire to harness the power of self-awareness, authentic communication and powerful leadership skills to drive positive change from the inside out in order to become exceptional leaders who are built to last.
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